What is Meisui Ninsho?

Meisui Ninsho is a certification programme focused on analysis and evaluation of water as a major ingredient in various beverage products.

Our certification is unique that the both Quality and Sustainability of the water is scientifically analysed and sensorily evaluated by the Water Certification Institute's evaluation committee comprising of renowned experts in areas such as natural water purification, environmental conservation, fine dining, beverage branding, and quality control.

A certified product is awarded with distinctive recognition by the committee and provided with various marketing tools and the Certification medal seal.

Meisui Ninsho, a Japanese term for Certification of Remarkable Water, stems from their authentic respect to natural and high quality products.



Certification's Benefits to Producers and Consumers

Benefits for Producers
・Distinct appeal to higher-end consumer segments: Our Water Certification is a distinct appeals in retail market especially to segments of natural or organic-oriented, healthy-conscious, or environmentally-mindful consumers.
・Branding: Meisui Ninsho's certification seal not only proves the high quality of the water in the product, but it also conveys a sound message as made by a socially responsible producer.

Benefits for Consumers
・Meisui Ninsho's certification seal makes it easy to identify the products made of healthy and tasteful water.
・Meisui Ninsho's certification mark enables consumers to check ingredient water on which relevant information is usually unavailable.
・As Meisui Ninsho assures the sustainability of the product's water as its major ingredient, a consumer can choose a truly socially-responsible product.





About Certification Process & Fee

Entry and evaluation process (Duration: approximately 1 month)
Once a product is applied for certification, it goes through analysis and evaluation processes including the following:
A product is analysed of its quality and healthiness with laboratory testing data including the unique testing items of Water Certification Institute, together with sensory testing by the Institute's evaluation committee.
Water resource sustainablity is separately analysed by the Institute's scientific methodology.

Awarding Certification and marketing tools
If the results of analysis and evaluation meet the required standards, the Institute certifies the products.
A certified product is awarded with distinction certified mark on it and marketing supports.
Certification period per analysis / evaluation is 1 year.

Certification fee
Fee for analysis, evaluation, and certification(inclusive of certification materials and marketing tools) is Euro 1,500- or USD1,800-
Small-business discount is available.
For details, please contact us.